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Focusing on flexible material cuttingCan cut/cut leather, rubber, sponge, cardboard, plastic, film, fiber, and composite materials

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Is your factory still using manual cutting of materials this year?

That's out!

Huichuang Automation EquipmentFocusing on flexible material cutting solutions

We specialize in CAD/CAM technology, utilizing cutting-edge visual positioning technology, laser positioning technology, computer numerical control cutting technology, multifunctional drilling and milling technology, internet cloud technology, and other digital cutting equipment for flexible materials as our product carriers. We focus on product performance and provide competitive cutting solutions and services with concepts such as speed, accuracy, efficiency, and environmental protection.

Only producing high-quality equipment and innovating products through technology

A brand new steel body structure, dual z-axis module, gantry dual drive planetary reduction mechanism, expandable multiple sets of cutting tools to easily achieve various
functions such as cutting, drawing lines, indentation, V-groove opening, etc., equipped with red laser positioning as standard. Stable and durable work.

Experience how Huichuang automation equipment improves efficiency

Can cut various materials: soft rubber board, silicone board, foam, EVA products, corrugated cardboard, gray cardboard, KT board, etc. Not just these. We can provide you with customized solutions for free based on the product.

Service Hotline: 153 6202 5938

Take a look at the materials cut by Huichuang Automation Cutting Machine

Applied to various packaging, color printing, knife molds, advertising, plastic, new energy, environmental protection and other industries for sampling and small-scale production.

Automatic Cutting Machine Product Center

Supports customization and can cut various types of materials

High efficiency automatic cutting machine

Equipped with V-shaped cutting and milling system, exclusively customized for payment

航空级铝平台Servo Motor

Intelligent design, saving more than 15% material compared to manual cutting, lifetime maintenance, on-site installation and debugging, supporting customization

多元化裁切机头配置Multiple Cutting Tools

Customized cutting tools are flexible in cutting different materials, making cutting more intelligent and with arbitrary shapes, providing you with more choices

真空吸咐系统Laser Positioning

High precision CCD positioning adjusts the final cutting accuracy. High speed cutting, punching, drawing and other processes can be achieved through efficient cutting

齿轮齿条传动Customized Countertop

Made with a widened table top, combined with a vibrating knife, it can easily handle high hardness cutting with high accuracy, fast speed, continuous operation, high flexibility, and all functions adopt modular design, which can be combined arbitrarily

Huichuang Automatic Cutting Machine - Demonstrating Strength

Committed to providing information-based and automated design and production solutions for traditional manufacturing industries

  • 智能切割智能切割

    Intelligent Cuttingsmart cut
  • 高效裁剪高效裁剪

    Efficient Cuttingcropping
  • 专注品质专注品质

    Focusing Qualityquality
  • 品牌配件品牌配件

    Brand Accessoriesaccessories
智能控制Intelligent Cuttingsmart cut

Diversified cutting tools, combined with multifunctional cutting heads, adapt to different cutting needs of different materials.

高效裁剪高效裁剪Efficient Cuttingcropping

Fast cutting speed and high accuracy; Equipped with automatic edge finding, cutting and punching for one-time forming; Support device scheme customization.

专注品质专注品质Focusing Qualityquality

Dozens of patent certifications, adhering to high-end positioning, and focusing on quality are the directions we have always adhered to.

品牌配件品牌配件Brand Accessoriesaccessories

Adopting imported guide rails and motors to ensure cutting accuracy and service life, the machine runs smoothly; Our equipment at the same price point has a high cost-effectiveness.

Creating flexible material cutting

Customization on demand, fast to one week delivery

  • Imported core components
  • Replaceable tool module
  • On demand configuration
裁晟自动裁剪机-在线咨询153 6202 5938 Online Consultation

Reliable quality equipmentTen years of accumulation and development, focusing on cutting services worldwide

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Five star service experience

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  • 丰富经验Rich Experience
  • 高性价比High Cost-effectiveness
  • 安全可靠Safe Reliable
  • 快速发货Fast Shipping

Dongguan Huichuang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that integrates research and development, design, production, sales, and service. It mainly produces computer cutting prototypes for cardboard boxes, fully automatic leather cutting machines, intelligent pearl cotton cutting machines, and CNC foot pad cutting machines.

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